Testing, testing...

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: Catherine Clarke 6 years, 1 month ȧɠǿ

On Thursday 1 May, students taking the module Making Medieval Place at the University of Southampton had a session in the Faculty of Humanities Digital Laboratory and undertook some user testing for our new 'City Witness' website. The group had access to our staging website, and spent some time exploring the content which is in development there. As well as user testing, the session involved a (very short!) introduction to GIS and XML, as well as the process of story-boarding and developing a game in collaboration with a commercial game-design company. Students also experimented with Google Earth as a tool for heritage interpretation. These activities built on the module focus on medieval place and the presentation / interpretation of medieval places for consumers today. For the students, hopefully this session provided some interesting hands-on work with the digital tools which underpin many of the resources we've worked with, as well as illuminating 'behind the scenes' glimpses into how content is developed. From the perspective of the 'City Witness' project, we've gained some very thoughtful, detailed and well-judged feedback which we will incorporate into the final stages of developing our digital resources. Many thanks to all the Southampton students who contributed.