Finalist in the 2016 NCCPE Engage Competition!

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: Catherine Clarke 3 years, 7 months ȧɠǿ

City Witness is one of three projects shortlisted for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences award in the national Engage Competition run by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).  The awards recognise the innovative and effective ways the general public are engaging with UK research – from inspiring young people with new advances in knowledge to encouraging the public to actively contribute to research.

It's really exciting to have got so far in the competition, recognising the success of the partnerships underpinning this project - involving not just the academic teams but also the City and County of Swansea, Swansea Museum and the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust. Together, we have been able to recover, promote and share some of the rich medieval heritage of Swansea - even though wartime bombing and later re-development mean that it's almost invisible today. In particular, our research is contributing to regeneration initiatives in Swansea city centre and putting culture and heritage at the heart of the city. If you haven't tried it yet, come and find our pavement marker trail in Swansea city centre - bring your mobile phone or other device to discover the multimedia resources and map your route through the medieval landscape of the town.

The winners of this year’s Engage Competition will be announced at an event on the 29th November 2016 as part of the NCCPE Engage Conference in Bristol. This year’s competition attracted over 180 entries which demonstrate a broad range of high quality activities to inspire and involve public audiences in six categories. The winner of each category will receive a prize of £1,500 to go towards further public engagement work.